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WI consider all our diversity, inclusion and empowerment initiatives essential to contribute to a happy workplace. People nowadays spend a major part of their lifetimes on the workfloor or in a hybrid context interacting with colleagues, clients and other actors. Modern work should therefore be redefined into meaningful connections with others to realize shared company goals in such a way that sustainable and personal values are respected. Commitment to work/life balance, participation and flexibility are essential. That’s why WI do our best every day to be a warm, welcoming and inspiring place to work, to be and to grow.

WI want to be a safe place with transparent communication and keen on providing the best ergonomic, practical and digital solutions when possible and affordable. WI know there is still a lot to learn and a way to go but considering our ‘point of departure’ in 2005 and where we are now, we see a world of difference. Our new modern building WI02 with magnificent spaces full of light, flexible working options and a lot of facilities including a training center, a lounge and outdoor facilities has been designed and modelled in function of a feelgood experience to an extent we were unaware of in former years.

The pandemic has triggered us to think about redefining work more as a process instead of merely task execution


Instead of our former printed info brochure that was hardly consulted an expert WI team worked out a smart and fun to work with digital information platform for all WIPEOPLE and new birds, linked to our CRM AFAS system. Access is easy, content transparent and information organized in visual blocks with an easy navigation fully branded in the WI style of the house. All essential company matters going from DNA and values to contracts, facilities, agreements, work organization, contact persons, training programs, how to’s and where to find’s are neatly covered.

And of course the #WIATWORK platform is responsively designed for mobile, tablets and other devices. We have a dedicated inhouse specialist to support WI people and newcomers to easily access the WI digital environment, together with an external expert company when needed. A print version of the portal however is always available for those who still prefer to check on paper too.




Safety and safe working conditions are crucial in every business but surely in the field of motion engineering and production where sometimes very heavy loads are tilted and set into motion and enormous constructions fabricated. This together with a variety of specialized fabrication techniques, heat, dust, smoke and different materials and substances. Though of course WI strictly comply to all legal safety prescriptions and regulations, we feel there still are efforts we can do on several levels:

Screen more safety options

Priority dangerous products

And storing modalities

Screen ergonomic options

Increase awareness

Communicate better

Organize trainings

Make info easily accessible

Online / off line










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