Soft launch sept 10th of our WIACADEMY in the new ‘being prepped’ WI02 building. Hans Willems elaborates on the new WIMOTION ecosystem and the benefits such as safety, collaboration and peace of mind for a variety of show friends. All of them sharp minds, experienced event pro’s and close network active in staging, lighting and dynamic content in Belgium and abroad.

Some showcasing and tech wizardry in the Playgarden to show actual operation and round it all up with the clear message: so now let’s have a drink and SHOOT! How can we optimize together from different angles to boost performance, our ultimate goal being the same: maximizing show potential for the best possible result.

A great evening with a lot of animated discussion and actionable new insights. To be continued. Integrating user experience to level up collaboration software, that’s how we see it. Our remedy for a non boring network evening ? Eagerness to explore new horizons, true show DNA and a fine selection of Belgian beers.